42 second movie review:Priest


What do you get when you mix one part dystopian future, three parts vampire, one part kung-fu, a pinch of Catholic school induced guilt, one part Karl Urban, and two parts awesome? Priest. This Korean graphic novel inspired vampire hunter yarn is just simple fun; no moralistic story telling (despite the Catholic Church’s presence throughout,) no attempt at complex dialog or deep character development, just some really bad-ass priests killing some really bad vampires. Tons of fun, lots of great special effects and stunts, and Karl Urban owned every scene he was in.

If you’re looking for a great action film with a lot of fun, and don’t mind some comic book gore and a little bit of fright thrown in, Priest is just the ticket for you.

Best quote: Black Hat: [With an evil smirk] After all, if you’re not committing sin… you’re not having fun.

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