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Hi! I’m Ed Fisher. Yes, that Ed Fisher. Thanks for stopping by. I’m just a guy, sitting in front of a computer, asking it to love him, or at least, to not destroy him when the singularity occurs. I feel the machines would find that I would make an excellent minion. This site is for me to rant, ramble, and wax poetic on whatever is on my mind, and to give a creative outlet to some of the voices in my head. Not all of them mind you, just the safer ones. This will be a random stumbling of nerdgasms, pop culture references and hardcore geekery, with more than a little coffee obsession thrown in for good measure.


Neurosurgeon. Physicist. Rock Star. Hero. Ed Fisher is a true 80s renaissance man. He’s that guy. You know the one. When things are broken, he fixes them. When they don’t make sense, he explains them. When nothing is getting done, he’ll do it. When a void occurs, he fills it. When there is silence on the call, he states the necessary. When things go bork, he’s the one you call. Well, him when the Ghostbusters aren’t available.  When you don’t have a clue, you ask him because even when he doesn’t know the answer he can usually help  you figure it out, and he loves a good mystery.

An InfoTech professional, aficionado of capsaicin and Coffea canephora (but not together,) he’s been getting his geek on full-time since 1993, and has worked with information technology in some capacity since 1986. He is a Technology Solutions Professional for Microsoft working in Cloud Services, and has worked on global scale environments and smaller shops, including Doosan, Ingersoll Rand, EDS/Bank of America, Ocwen Financial, MPAY, ONLC, and others, and as a consultant for numerous companies including RTI International, Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, The Tyrell Corporation, Universal Exports, Blue Sun, Primatech Paper, Massive Dynamics, Global Dynamic, Oceanic Airlines, The Umbrella Corporation, and various city, state, and federal government agencies as well as a few universities.

When he’s not saving the world, you can find him paddleboarding or kayaking around Lake Wylie (in the summer,) throwing stones and sweeping ice (in the winter,) or training his squadron of ravens for when drone deliveries start in his area. They are the air force to his army of attack guinea pigs, in case you were wondering. He’s also working on a live action version of Angry Birds, with cardinals, goldfinches, bluebirds, and doves, but the ravens seem to get confused about what they are supposed to target, so it’s slow going.

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FTC Disclosure

last updated 2011-11-09 In an effort to comply with recent FTC rulings regarding bloggers, please note the following.

I may choose to review something simply because I think it is that good. I might also review something for which I have received some form of compensation from the creator/publisher/author of the product being reviewed. This could include direct payment, NFR licenses, free product, or other consideration.  In either case, the post will be tagged as a review. I may also post guest blog posts from time to time. I consider these to be interesting and related to the overall theme of this blog. I may receive payment for posting these, I may receive a token of appreciation, or I may simply choose to post them because I like them. Being my blog, I can do that.

I would happily write a book review for any technology book, should you care to send me a free copy and it is within an area of my interest. If the book is good, I will even say so. If it is not, I won’t. Of course, if I don’t want to read the book I will send it back (postage due.) I would happily write a product review in exchange for a free product that I would like, again with the understanding that if the product is good, I will say so, if not, not, and if it is not something I would use, I’ll return it (postage due.) This disclosure will be updated should I ever receive swag, a book, gear, or if anything else substantial changes that relates to this blog.

Site Disclosure

As of 2011-07-05,  I work as an FTE for Microsoft. The opinions and views expressed in this blog are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Microsoft. While I have always been a pro Microsoft advocate, now that I work for them, please be aware of that relationship. In the event I make any recommendation for their products or solutions, or against any of their competitors, I am simply stating my personal opinion on my own blog, and in no way should this be interpreted as a statement from or on behalf of Microsoft Corporation.

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