howto://move Netflix storage to another drive in Windows 10


So I just got a Surface Go, and I have to say that I LOVE IT! It’s an awesome piece of kit and so far, has handled everything I can throw at it. The only thing I might have some reservations about is the storage. At the time I bought it, the best I could get is 128GB, though a 256GB is supposed to be released soon. In any event, 128GB is a bit tight, but the Go can support an SDXC card of up to 512GB so I figure that will take care of me, right? Well, yeah, but there’s some extra steps involved. This is the first of at least two blog posts I will post on how to make the most of the additional storage you can get from adding an SDXC card to the Go, or any other Windows 10 computer. Nothing I am going to do here is unique to the Go.

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30 second movie review of Spectral

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably seen Spectral as one of your “Top Picks.” It’s actually a Universal production with some real acting talent, great special effects, and decent writing that, for whatever reason, Universal opted not to distribute. So Netflix picked it up.

There’s a fun mix of special forces action, science fiction, and ghost story all mixed in together, and well worth a rainy Saturday afternoon. Check out the trailer, then add it to your watchlist.