Why’s my EMS soooo slooowww?

Have you ever felt like it takes the Exchange Management Shell, like, FOREVER to get from the point where you click it to the point where you get the blinking cursor so you can actually do something? Yeah, me too.

Here’s a little trick that helps speed things up for me. It should do the trick for you too.

  1. Open the EMS
  2. Enter the command
    Get-ADServerSettings [enter]
  3. You should see, well, basically, not so much. Like this.
  4. Pick a Global Catalog server in the same domain and site as your Exchange server, and enter this command
    Set-ADServerSettings –PreferredServer fqdnoftheGC [enter]
  5. Then repeat the first command, but this time pipe it into format-list.

That’s it really. Rather than waiting for the EMS to find and bind to a GC, you are saving time by telling it where to go. “Heh-heh, you told it where to go.” The following video merely affirms that at heart, I am twelve years old.

Direct link for RSS and email subscribers…http://youtu.be/t9laOl7cqR4

My taste in humour notwithstanding, if the little trick above helped you out at all, how about a shout out with a comment below, or maybe even a follow on Twitter? If I get ten comments or five follows as a result of this little tip I promise not to use another Beavis and Butthead video ever again!