howto://disable hibernation in Windows 8

2018-01-29 edit-this works just the same and as well in Windows 10!

Getting ready for my Windows 8.1 upgrade, I wanted to get some things cleaned up, and that included moving some VMs from my laptop to one of my Hyper-V servers. The Exchange server alone is about 100GB so I wanted to fire it up to delete some of the test accounts/mailboxes to trim it down to size before moving it. Unfortunately, it looks like my tendency to save everything had just about run me out of space. The VMs would not start!


Checking on things, I found myself with only a few hundred MB of free space. I started deleting ISOs and other large files that I have multiple copies of, but was only able to free up a few GB of space. My disk was still code red!


Looking for more things I could get rid of, I realized that I had a 13GB hibernation file sitting on the C: drive. Since I hate hibernation, I figured losing this would free up enough space to do what I needed to.



To disable hibernation in Windows 8, do this.

  1. Open an administrative command prompt.
  2. Enter the following command:
    powercfg /hibernate off [enter]image
  3. Check to see you have more space freed up!


Yes, I am still code red. I’m a hoarder (of data, anyway.) I don’t have any specific reason why I don’t hibernate…I just don’t. I may have had a bad experience in the past that I have suppressed, or maybe I just want the disk space back. Whatever the reason, I don’t mind telling my computer to go the <bleep> to sleep. When I do, I always hear myself doing it in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice.

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