howto://dump a list of users with email address and upn

I needed to dump a list of all users in a forest so that I could compare their UPN to their email address. I came up with this PS command that will connect to a GC, enumerate all users in the forest, and output a CSV that lists their displayname, emailAddress, and UPN. It will skip users with blank email or display, or accounts that are disabled.

The scriptlet assumes whoever runs it has administrative rights, and has the RSAT tools for AD installed on the machine they are using so the AD module exists. It doesn’t require anything else.

import-module activedirectory

get-aduser -filter {(EmailAddress -like “*”) -and (DisplayName -like “*”) -and (Enabled “True”)} -searchscope subtree -searchbase ‘dc=yourdomain,dc=tld‘ -properties DisplayName, EmailAddress, UserPrincipalName, proxyAddresses -server yourgc.yourdomain.tld:3268 | select-object displayname, emailaddress, userprincipalname | export-csv c:\scratch\users.csv

Make sure you change the variables in italics to match your environment. Hope this helps someone out.

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