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Having been a fan of Sysinternals since NT4 days, I doubt a week goes by that I don’t use one of their PsTools, which I keep in a Dropbox folder appended to my path. I needed to use Process Explorer today, only to find a new and totally awesome addition/update to the tools. Trust me, you’re going to love this.

Point your browser to See that directory listing? That is every one of the Sysinternals tools just sitting there, ready for you to run from the website instead of having to find them on, download them, extract them, etc. Just click on the appropriate tool using IE and choose Run. It will download to IE’s temp directory, prompt you one last time about running an executable from the Internet, and then you will get the EULA. From that to running is a quick hop, skip, and a jump. You don’t have to use IE, but unless you install Chrome or Firefox on your servers (which is where I expect to use this most often since I have most of the Sysinternals tools already on my workstation) this is probably where you will do this most often.

If you are not blocking outbound SMB connections at the firewall (which, you had better be) or if you are running the WebClient service, you can also get to them using \\\tools. Even with WebDav, your client will try SMB first, which may set off various IDS/IPS alarms, so you might want to stick with the browser. Making these tools that easy to get to is one of the things that makes me go squeee.

I don’t have a video about other things that make me go squee to close out this post, but I do have one about things that make you go hmmm. Okay, show of hands…who else misses The Arsenio Hall Show?

C&C Music Factory-Things That Make You Go Hmmm

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